my first step on this journey

I’ve been to a conference or 2 where someone looks at my business card and asks “Do you have a blog?” but until recently I thought it was a much larger project until last week.
I spent a very quick 2 hours with Aaron Douglas at Cocoa conf Chicago where we talked about accessibility in the WordPress app for iOS; along with finding some accessibility bugs to fix, Aaron also helped me set up a blog. Now that April fool’s is past, I can post something and it won’t only be taken as a joke, even if it is.

I was 1 class short of a double major in piano performance as well as computer science as an undergrad, (should have taken that 1 class instead of audited) so although readers will find many articles here about technology, and much of those focused on accessibility with what Allison Sheridan would say “an ever so slightly Mac bias”, and don’t forget iOS. there will still be forays (ok–ok, tangents) into musical topics as well, and maybe a few others here and there also.
Feel free to join along for the ride.

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