How the Mac app Type2Phone can make any keyboard attached to your Mac a Bluetooth keyboard

Posted on May 20, 2020

I’m typing this post on an old Logitech Ergonomic keyboard from 2003, and occasionally think about replacing it. I hope the keyboard isn’t paying attention….. ok, it’s still working. I’ve read about the Ergo Pro keyboard from Matias, which will probably be its replacement, though it’s a bit expensive; the good Ergonomic keyboards are. The only thing I wish is that the Ergo Pro was Bluetooth like some of Matias’s other models

Last week, I read on twitter where another person also  lamented over that there are very few if any Bluetooth ergonomic keyboards around, and that reminded me about Type2Phone, and I realized I had a solution

I bought Type2Phone made by Houdah Software on the Mac app store 9 years ago, and when I’m at my desk and need to type something on my phone, I am the world’s worst touchscreen typist; I open up Type2Phone and Voilà my MacBook is now a very expensive Bluetooth keyboard. It has worked well, I have no complaints. At first though, I thought I had to wait for Type2Phone to connect to my iPhone but now I have realized I don’t need to wait at all. I give it about a second and then just type away and it seems to always work.

. I wondered if it would work with more than one device, so . I then also successfully paired it to my iPad, and Apple TV, and can easily switch between the three of them. Apple clearly says that MacBooks may only be paired with up to seven Bluetooth devices simultaneously, though it doesn’t say how many can be remembered but not connected. Actually, the limitation of seven simultaneously paired Bluetooth devices is an official Bluetooth spec. Beyond that though, I’m guessing you can probably pair more than seven devices since you wouldn’t want to type to them simultaneously anyway. Think of the chaos that would ensue if that happened. Four devices is the most I’ve ever seen a Bluetooth keyboard capable of pairing with anyway. I think Type2Phone can probably pair to as many devices as you want, and then just connect to the one you need at that time.

So for an extra ten dollars, you can easily make whatever keyboard you have inside or attached to your Mac work with any of your Bluetooth devices, which makes the fact that ergonomic keyboards almost always seem to be wired much less of a deal.

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