An inexpensive way to move some air from an air conditioner to another room with little circulation normally

The living-room and bedroom in my apartment have very little circulation between them, a floor plan would look like North and South Dakota on a map with a small doorway in the east end, and the air conditioner (wall unit) on the west end. I don’t need air conditioning very often but occasionally at night i wish the bedroom was cooler.

Then, i was talking to my friend Nathan and he told how he and his brothers had a kind of playroom in their attic, also with little air circulation, so they took some dryer tubing normally used to vent the hot air from the  clothes dryer outside and hooked it up to a fan and blew cooler air up into their hide out. I thought that was awesome so decided to do it with the air conditioner here.

After a stop at Menards we got to work. We duct-taped one end of the tubing to the AC, and ran it around the corner into the bedroom. Nathan used his IR thermometer and noticed significantly cooler air at the other end of the tubing in my bedroom 20 feet away from the air conditioner in the living-room.

It is a success. It doesn’t cool the bedroom down quite as much as the living-room, but it does cool the bedroom down way faster than if the tubing wasn’t there at all, and now there is only about a 3 or 4 degree difference.

It’s enabled me to run the AC for about 2 hours and then turn it off and sleep all night probably saving me some money.

A nice little hack, that might help other readers out there who have a similar floor plan.

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